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We work with a wide range of technology

Virtual Reality and Games

From abstract 2D games to high-detail 3D games we've done it all. We do a lot with Microsoft Kinect, 3D Video, large touchscreens, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Google Cardboard. Have an idea for a game or virtual experiece?

Tablet and Phone

Our bread and butter are snazzy registration, checkin, photo op, custom printing, survey, trivia and social apps on iOS and Android. We also enjoy stretching the boundaries of mobile apps to do things that most people don't expect through the use of iBeacons, magnetic card readers, bluetooth, printing stations, or even crazy stuff like coffee makers and robots. Have an idea for a mobile app?

Augmented Reality

We love technologies that add extra wow factor to real life events. Wether it happens on dedicated hardware or publically available apps for any consumer to download, we can make fun, interactive things happen on designated tiles or other real life triggers. Have an idea for an AR experience?

Data Collection

Everything we make is built in to our new analytics platform to easily view how your digital experiences have done in the wild. We also allow full data download so our clients can parse the data for themselves. Have an idea for how you could use more data from real customers?

Hardware Hacking

We know our way around a soldering iron and so do our cats. We've made some pretty awesome things like light displays, whack-a-mole games and robots that can draw. Have an off-the-wall idea for a hardware project?

Customer Outreach

We know how to make custom branded emails, text message queue systems, and social media aggregators. We can help you stay in contact with consumers well after your events have finished. Have an idea for how you would like to stay in contact with your customers?


A sampler platter of the types of experiences we have made for small companies and huge brands


Kinect Quarterback

Jet Blue

Memory Card Game

Events DC

VR Bike Ride


Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N.

Five Hour Energy

Extra Strength Survey


Interactive Storefront

Wells Fargo

Treasure Quest VR




Planet Selfie

Cartoon Network

Powerpuff Yourself

Merrill Lynch

AES Trivia


Digital Sport Shot


You want more than just an app. You want a platform

Check Out the Ohsome Platform


We're always on to the newest and greatest trends in tech beacuse that is what our clients need

  • 2009-2011

    Our Humble Beginnings

    With amazing connections in the experiencial space Ohsome Interactive was born and started to prove itself in the market

  • 2011-2015

    Let the Growth Begin

    New amazing team members were added that allowed Ohsome to specialize in the mobile and standalone pc spaces with standout quality

  • 2015-2016

    Rise of the Mega Applications

    Bringing on full time designers and production managers allowed Ohsome to take on larger projects in VR and web

  • 2016-2017

    Long Live the Ohsome Platform

    A new fully integrated system allows all ohsome experiences to be more easily integrated and data to be more easily created and tracked

Our Ohsome Team

We are a team of diehards. We don't give up. We always turn risk areas into successes

Jennifer Ohs

Founder, President

Jason Ohs

Founder, Vice President

Alan Shirley

Production Manager

Cordell Cahill

Software Developer

Matt King

Software Developer

Chris Klingler

Software Developer

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